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This special edition Q2 2018 Tax Letter is full of investing and planning strategies that can help you with ongoing financial management and tax planning. It contains information on:

Tax Planning under the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017

  • Patience is prudent

  • Know your true tax rate

  • Rethinking retirement contributions

  • Regard Roth conversions carefully

  • Are state and local taxes reasons for relocation?

  • Positive prognosis for medical deductions

  • Home equity hassle

  • New tax deduction for pass-through entities

  • Tax calendar

CPA Client Tax Letter Q2 2018 from TRS CPA Group CPA

See Also: Citation and Resource Guide accompanying this publication

This CPA Client Tax Letter is provided by TRS CPA Group, P.A. to its clients through an arrangement with the AICPA, which holds the copyright to the CPA Client Tax Letter and reserves all rights. Permission is required for any further redistribution or reuse of this content. Please direct any such inquiries to

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