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Read About SEP Plans, IRA Distributions and More in our February 2014 Tax Bulletin!

Learn more about changes in SEP plans and how they can be customized for your individual needs. IRA distributions and social security are also covered. We are available to answer any questions that you may have and to help you make the right financial decisions for your family and for your business. Call us at 410-749-1919 to schedule an appointment.

This newsletter is full of ideas and suggestions that can help you with ongoing financial management and tax planning. It contains information on:

  • SEP plans for individuals and small businesses.

  • How to mix IRA distributions with social security.

  • April 15th deadlines.

  • Roth IRAs

  • Health Savings Accounts

  • Tax calendar

This CPA Client Tax Letter is provided by TRS CPA Group, P.A. to its clients through an arrangement with the AICPA, which holds the copyright to the CPA Client Tax Letter and reserves all rights. Permission is required for any further redistribution or reuse of this content. Please direct any such inquiries to

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