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Introducing TRS CPA Group

Throughout our company’s 45‐year history we’ve taken pride in our ability to adapt and innovate to best position ourselves as a superior CPA firm. While our focus has always been on dutifully serving our clients and local community, we’ve determined that it is time to look inward and focus on how we can improve upon the firm and its future. As a part of this process, we are excited to announce that the firm will be changing its name to TRS CPA Group.

Our firm of talented individuals collectively possess experience in a variety of different disciplines. Together these individuals form TRS CPA Group; a team of professionals who provide value‐added services that exceed expectations. Whether your needs are in tax, accounting, business valuation, or any other of our service offerings, you can expect that TRS CPA Group will be able to assist you with unparalleled service.

Further, TRS CPA Group will place a greater emphasis on the inclusion of new technologies to ensure that sensitive data is secured while simultaneously offering more convenience to our clients. By embracing technology and the cyber challenges of the digital era, TRS CPA Group will be able to provide safe and secure methods that will protect our clients and associates for years to come. The values we’ve demonstrated throughout the years and the relationships that we have built within the community will continue to serve as the core principles of our firm. Current and prospective clients should expect an unprecedented level of service, integrity, and professionalism from the new TRS CPA Group.

We are proud of our history in the communities we serve and are excited about our future. Most importantly, we would be honored to work with you.

TRS CPA Group 2019 TRS Press Release

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