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In an effort to ensure the safety of our clients that utilize QuickBooks for their accounting software, we would like to make you aware of the most recent Phishing alerts related to QuickBooks. One alert in particular that has impacted individuals and businesses nationwide relates to QuickBooks accounting software. When checking emails, beware of the subject line, “QuickBooks Support: Change Request.” Any emails pertaining to QuickBooks accounting software should be cautiously reviewed before clicking any embedded links. This recent scam first asks you to “confirm” business changes within QuickBooks’ manufacturer, Intuit. Conveniently, the email provides a link to click that will supposedly guide you to a page to cancel these changes. Do not click this link! Once clicked, you can potentially provide them access to passwords and private financial information that can later lead to identity theft. While all individuals and businesses can be at risk, there are warning signs to be aware of:

  • The embedded link leads you to incorrect domain – Without actually clicking on the “cancel” link, you can hover over it with your mouse to see the domain name. In this case, you should see that the link’s domain is If you see something such as or a link with a similar name to Intuit, do not click it.

  • Generic email address – Always double check the email address the message came from. The email should have come from a direct company email, such as If the email has been sent from Yahoo, Gmail, or any other email providing service, it is most likely a scam.

  • There have been cases of phone calls received in which the caller is stating they are from Intuit and are asking for credit card information to pay for the software renewal or they are saying your credit card on file was declined. The phishing emails are also sending the same information with an invoice attached to the email

  • Per Intuit; customer service agents will not call you unless you have requested a call back from the website or during a chat session online.

  • Emails from cloud hosting companies selling one QuickBooks software license to multiple users. Always check with to ensure you are using an authorized host.

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